Autumn Update!

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been busy tending the seeds we planted in October. So far, a few things have sprouted, but few of these seedlings seem to be thriving in the Greenhouse. We’re hopeful as we are still trying to find our feet with the Greenhouse and find the perfect temperature for all of the plants while figuring out how much water is too much water. There seems to be no noticeable pattern as to how fast the plants dry out!

Baby Woad! 

The weld that we transplanted into pots to bring inside for the winter is finally showing signs of recovering from the transition inside. The weld still outside is also doing well, despite the recent frosts.

In other news, we were awarded a £300 grant by the Festival of Creative Learning at the University of Edinburgh for two workshops in February. We’ll have details of the workshops up soon! Details will include: what we’ll be doing in the workshops, how to sign up (they are open to everyone, including community members!), and how you can follow along if you can’t make it.

Planting in the Greenhouse!

After a meeting with a few new volunteers, we spent some time in the Greenhouse organising supplies and seeding a few plants.

As we’re still without much workspace (the previous occupant had mostly gutted the room, removing most of the furniture), there’s not much set-up in the conventional sense. For now, it’s more about moving the supplies into the room and starting seeding a few things while we await new tables and workspaces.

A few dyer’s greenweed seeds.


Dyers Greenweed was up first today. The seeds themselves are quite colourful, which was a little distraction. It’ll be interesting to see if the plants vary any in colour because of the seeds.

Then it was time to sow a little more weld. While it’s growing well in the garden, we’re re-sowing everything to document how it grows on a weekly basis.

Hundreds of weld seeds. Hopefully, our luck with it will continue!


If you’re interested, we’ll be having another information session about volunteering on 11 October at 14:00. Meeting in the Main Building of the Edinburgh College of Art before heading to the garden and greenhouse! If you can’t make it but would like to be involved, please see the relevant post under the About Us section. 

The day’s seeding.


Greenhouse: Part One

We received the keys to the Greenhouse! After a brief inspection, complete with measuring the space and deciding to adopt the abandoned plants in it, we’ve decided it needs a little work before we start planting. Hopefully, the planting will start in the next few weeks!